Frequently Asked Questions

I can't find my mobile model on your website?
We currently may not be accepting a few brands. You could still register with us and we would soon get back to you.
I'm nervous about sending my stuff to you. Why should I trust you?
We appreciate that you put a lot of trust in us by sending us your mobile phone and we take that responsibility very seriously. If you have concerns, we'd love to talk with you so please feel free to call us via Customer Support No. 1800 - 419 3283 and ask any questions. Or feel free to write in at
Can I buy from Atterobay?
Not currently. But very soon you will be able to buy high quality pre-owned and/or refurbished phones. Watch out this space for more in sometime.
What Happens To Broken Phones
At Atterobay, we extend the life your used mobile phones by wiping all your data, refurbishing, polishing it up and reselling them through our retail channel. Items with no value are recycled in an eco-friendly way.
I have sold my stuff, Then What?
Upon confirmation we will send you Attero packaging, this is to ensure safety of your mobile phone. We will collect your item from the comfort of your home. Once received, your cell phone is thoroughly inspected at our state of the art facility plant at Roorkee to make sure its condition matches your evaluation. In case of any change in the amount offered (it goes up too), we will call you and send an email regarding the updated offer price. Once you confirm that you are happy with the updated offer price, we will send you the cheque.
How do I track my product?
We will give you a tracking id at the time of listing. You can easily track your item from your profile page, by using the tracking id. We will be sending you email updates at regular intervals mentioning the status of your shipment.
How can I get a status update on my transaction if I don't have an Atterobay account?
It's easy. There's a link at the top of every page of the site to help. All you need to know is the email address you used when you checked out. With that we can look up details about your transaction.
I declined my item, how long does it take for this to be returned to me?
If your offer was revised and you declined the new offer, we are happy to ship your item back to you for free. You will receive an email from us letting you know your item is on its way back. This typically takes place in 3 to 5 working days.
How do I get paid?
Processing of payments may take up to 30 business days after receiving the phone. Payments will be made either via online bank transfer (NEFT, RTGS) or DD as per your convenience. Instant payments will also be made real time after verifying the condition of device (coming soon).
I received word that payment was mailed but I haven't received it, what do I do?
We would have sent you a tracking id to track the courier package carrying your cheque. Please use the tracking id to get the recent status. Do feel free to call us anytime at the customer support number in case you were still not able to track your cheque.
How does Atterobay calculate the value of my product?
Atterobay uses its patent pending technology to dynamically price every item we support. The system gathers market data from many sources such as online and offline marketplaces to determine the true market value of an item at any given time, ensuring you receive the most accurate and up to date pricing available.
What happens if Atterobay disagrees with my evaluation of the item?
If our evaluation does not match up with the one you completed online, the offer may decrease or increase. If your offer changes for any reason, you will receive an email with the new value and the reason for any changes. You can either accept the offer or ask that we return the item to you. If you do not respond to us within 7 days, we'll assume you are alright with the new offer and move forward automatically.
What happens if Atterobay revises my offer but I never respond to the emails about it?
First, to let you know about the change and give you the option to accept it or decline it. If you proactively accept your new offer, we'll move forward with payment immediately, and if you decline the new offer, we'll ship your item back to you on our expense. We'll email again two more times to remind you that the offer has been revised; just to be sure you are aware of the change. After 5 days, we will initiate payment for the revised value or, if there is no value, recycle the item responsibly.
My payment has not arrived, what do I do now?
Unfortunately we have no control over postal delay you can contact to our customer support team if you have any question regarding payments.
How can I reach Customer Care?
Our customer care team can be contacted via Customer Support No. 1800 - 419 - 3283 Monday - Friday 9:30am - 6:30pm IST or by email anytime at
Do I need to remove the SIM card from my phone?
Yes, we recommend that you remove the SIM card from your phone before sending it to us. The SIM card holds data related to your unique phone number and we don't need it to evaluate the phone.
Do I need to erase all of my personal data from my device or will Atterobay take care of it?
Although our technical team will remove all of your personal data from your device. We still recommend erasing all of your personal data yourself before sending it in to maximize your personal sense of security.
What item do you accept?
Currently we are accepting mobile phones. In future, you can also buy and sell other electronic products.
Do I have to purchase anything from Atterobay in order to find out the value of my item?
No. Using Atterobay is completely free. Simply visit, search for your item, and answer a few questions to receive an offer. It is simple, convenient and fast.